September 19, 2018: Nursery Rhyme “You” by Nicole LoPresti

Hey 🙂 How are you? Last night I wrote a short children’s story. I really like writing and reading children’s books. See if you like it:

I am me and you are you—the combination of both will never do! If you were I and I were you, well, then,..wah wah boohoo! I mean, what a mix! Think of the tears. No, that simply can’t be, because I am me and you are you! Oh! What a fun world for us…we can go anywhere but not as a crew. Being smart and kind will take you far—but being yourself…is what makes you a S⭐️T⭐️A⭐️R!

Now, go hurry along, children, there is much to do! Because I am me and you are you! I repeat: I am me and you are you! Being yourself is always the best bet. Stay true to who you are and God will take care of the rest! Remember to love yourself! Show your personalty and stay in school! And, remember follow all the rules.

Tell your parents you love them once a day. Find your passion and don’t stray! Always be yourself no matter what you do and God will never stop loving you.

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