I’ve always liked Eminem but his 2017 album “Revival” ignited a love affair with Detroit largely because of the pop-up shops that his record label has produced. Fast forward to 2018 and another album has been released: Kamikaze. Throughout my 7 years working in music, via music magazines and record labels, I’ve seen a few different and interesting marketing endeavors.

I’ve learned that pop-up shops offer new marketing opportunities while giving the consumer a fun event to remember for a lifetime. Pop-up shops are a popular trend in music. That’s when I started to see more about Eminem online. Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti” pop-up in Detroit, gave Michigan and guests delicious (in the words of Action Bronson) Italian food and a way to see their hero. And, that’s not all. Eminem has been involved in many viral and in-person opportunities for fans and the artist to connect. I like his merchandise. I enjoy how Shady Records introduces fans, not only to new products like tee-shirts and albums but also to Detroit. Paul Rosenberg’s now defunct blog had everything from nostalgic music memories to family photos. But, it’s Paul’s Michigan State football photos, that introduced me to college football. It makes me want to go to a college game, camp out, tail gate, and wear sweater vests. I’ve always snacked on bite size pieces of the “8 Mile Road” emcees strong love for D-Town, but it was his most recent effort that peaked my interest in Motor City—a place that produces products such as John Varvatos threads and Carhartt fashions. And, all of this I learned via the internet. Just from google searching “Eminem”. Then I go to the “News Tab” and then I read all his articles. And, well, he did a collaboration with Carhartt. So, then I looked at Carhartt and it’s a Detroit brand. It has like industrial inspired clothing. There is rawhide and more than a few farm inferences which led me to believe that Detroit or rather Michigan is a farming town which peaks my interest and warms my heart because I’ve always wanted to be on a farm. Like a farm wife. I could milk cows and help in the fields. Then, after a full harvest, we could invite the family over for a light dinner on a big, long table. And the husband sits at the head. Anyway, those are just musings. Then, after Carhartt. I read about John Varvatos in Michigan which peaked my interest because I used to work in SoHo on Green Street across from John Varvatos. I remember they had clean windows. And, clothes that make men look attractive and sexy. The juxtaposition of John Varvatos, Eminem, and Detroit all started from Eminem’s pop-up shop. But then why shouldn’t Eminem be linked to fashion? It only takes a minute to see from his online merchandise selection that he has a good clothing team. And then his Shady sweatsuits. The bandanas. His sneaker collaborations. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you as a fan for interacting with us as much as you do. not only teaching us but also loving us.

As a testament to this Michigan boom, I’ve been groovin’ to the television show Detroiters ever since! I like the show because it’s heavy and light at the same time. Smart. Funny. And, has different sets. Like, the office space! (Pat Vern Harris really gets the part of Shiela–their reliable secretary that dresses for the part.). And, the bar that the two advertisers visit is so cozy. Warm. It’s all “Rockin’ Horse Dude Ranch” dark brown wood and I’m all in. I like that it shows Detroit as this emerging business state. The bars, the biking to work, the way they dress! It’s decidedly cool but not cool. The cast is great. Sam Richardson is also on my favorite, “Veep” which starts in Spring of 2019 on HBO. He’s a pleasure to watch. He plays opposite Tim Robinson who is also fun to watch. I like his interaction with his wife played by Shawntay Dalon—it seems natural.

Look how cool the design of this sign is…This is from the opening scenes of the show. The sign is really different than what you expect. Yet, it’s also a tad nerdy…a throwback if you will. The colors. The font. Do you ever wonder who makes these decisions? And, do higher ups ever notice? Like, wow that sign rocked it! I guess I’ve learned much regarding management from my family. They own various businesses and they are legendary business owners. My mother is known for noticing details.

My favorite shows are as follows:

•Modern Family: September 26, 2018 at 9:00 p.m.



•Basketball Wives

•Good Vibes [cancelled]

•MTV News Updates (Kurt Loader years)


•Vice Principles [defunt]

•Survivor’s Remorse [cancelled]

•Meet The Barkers [cancelled]

•The Goldbergs

•American Housewife

•Blackish October 16, 2018

•Veep: Spring 2019 (specific date TBA)

•Curb Your Enthusiasm: Spring 2019 (specific date TBA)

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