Kickin’ it in my Avenue sneakers!

I’m always wearing Avenue since I worked for the company for awhile…These are one of my favorite pair of sneakers! So comfortable, and so chic. It’s more than likely that I got them on sale because, of course, they have sales all the time. Working at Avenue was one of the best experiences of my life. I was promoted to Assistant Manager before being offered a position within the Nordstrom company. I can tell you both companies are class acts. They treat employees with such respect. Not to mention, the fashion is sooooo good. I bought so much when I worked at Nordstrom! #HalfOfMyPaycheck Kennith Cole Shoes! Steve Madden! They have the cutest, cutest accessories at the counter—girly as possible. Things like fun cellie covers and colorful cell phone chargers. I felt like a princess working there. Not to mention the makeup and all the savings at Nordstrom Rack! Shouts out Eatontown!

I actually wore these in the show! #goodtimes #modellife #fashion #fun

I always stay humble because modeling is truly a blessing and I try not to take it for granted. Thank you for the opportunity.

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