Saturday September 29, 2018: Tommy Hilfiger Comforter

I’m looking at bedding online. I wanted to get something from Tommy Hilfiger. Something neat, classic, and sweet. I’m on Macy*s right now.

I have all my furniture in storage right now. My mother is a cancer survivor and I moved home to help cut living costs and be a friend through her strong journey. I just started getting my room together and I’m missing my desk and chair and bed!!! Anyway, just letting you know what I’m up to on this lazy Saturday.

I went to the gym, stopped by Starbucks, and had dinner with my family.

  • How is your day going? 
  • Are you feeling good?
  • Is there anything in your home you want to give attention to?
  • How can I help with anything?

Here are some photos of Tommy Hilfiger items that I like. I don’t know. I like the warmth. It feels really American.


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