Things I Like To Do: Entertain For Family

I love to entertain, gift wrap, buy little presents for family and friends. It doesn’t have to be so expensive. Today, for example, I spent some of my pay check on the people I love most. Check below to see what I bought and for whom:

My Dad and Grandpa both got $5 dollar gift cards for Dunkin’ Donuts! I also bought a box of Donuts and Halloween items for my family. It wasn’t supposed to be a Halloween dinner but I guess it works to get the Holiday started! I do like this holiday. My neighbor bought a new puppy and I wonder if he’ll dress up for the holiday! He named him “Gus”. lol I have the best neighbors. I actually went to church this morning and sat next to my mom’s friend and our neighbor, Joan. So blessed.

I bought my mom and my sister Alex and Ani bracelets. I’ve noticed this Rhode Island brand before in Nordstrom. It’s very sweet with delicate charms and the price points are reasonable.

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