Presidential Interview on 60 Minutes

Why did I vote for President Trump?

1) I’ve visited the Trump Towers on 5th Avenue with my mom and we used to have lunch at Saks5thAvenue. Well, when I was at Trump Tower, I saw the doorman and the people that worked there seemed really happy and the groundskeeper did a great job with the building. Plus, he’s a respected New York Real Estate tycoon AND it’s nice to have a city savvy president.

2) I’ve stayed at a Trump Tower complex in NYC, near Bloomingdales. Our family friend, Lucille Zacardi, had this gorgeous apartment and I just loved it. The entrance is remarkable. It’s set deep in the street so if you have children they can play without too much city noise. Which is nice sometimes. The staff was really nice and seemed professionally satisfied.

3) Beauty Pageants! 💗 Ok, hear me out on this: I’m a woman and I love to feel beautiful. For the rest of my life I hope to work to feel beautiful, although beauty largely comes from with in. Both my parents are gorgeous. Young. Well-groomed. Self-sufficient. And, I just admire them so much. I love that my mom maintains her hair and nails and I love that my dad takes his dental care so seriously. They are people that participate in many activities yet they still participate in everyday routines that honor themselves. Like, they both rest, workout, read the paper, watch television, and go to local activities. With that in mind, Miss America is both a financial and sensitive endeavor that President Trump (and, I’m so proud to say that!) owned from 1996 to 2015, and was previously broadcast on NBC. I think pageants build confidence, social skills, and a sense of American pride—even if you’re from another country. They also help with job skills. Like, answering questions and maintaining poise. I believe watching them helps just as much as participating. There’s a interview portion and talent as well. I wish they extended the age limit but other than that…I loved watching those shows!

4) The television show

5) The Trump family

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