I love my parents [this] much lol

I surprised my Mom and Dad with The Light House’s Italian ice. They have so many flavors but I went with my gut, lol, getting Blueberry and Peanut Butter for my Dad and Kiwi-Strawberry for my Mom. I like to freeze plastic spoons.

The Light House is a nostalgic place because I always drove past it and wanted to get Italian Ice.

[ever write a short story based on an item? or, a fabric? a photograph?][I was inspired for a short story and it’s called, “Sprinkles and Frozen Yogurt”]

Hed: Sprinkles and Frozen Yogurt

Dek: I love you so much I wish I could dip you in yogurt then jam you in a bowl of sprinkles. (have you ever done that?)

Mmmmm sprinkles. Rainbow.

There are so many desserts to choose from and I like Italian ice because it’s light. It’s like summer in a cup. All short shorts and wind-whipped cheeks. You know when you inhale cold air and lean in for a kiss? I went on a Thursday which says so many things about my life. It was that time when the streets aren’t flooded with school buses and its dark and warm and cold at the same time. and light and dark. at the same time. The time when the employees love their job. And, I know because I worked at a Retro Fitness and around 4:00 p.m. you get a burst of energy especially if you can see outside and it’s Jersey colors. The sky looks gray and steely. Like, at any minute the hottest guy could walk in and your life would change forever. (been there). Idk. I love having a job.

Sprinkles. Free sprinkles. If left up to my own devices I might end up paying upwards of $10 dollars for a cup of, if purchased at a store, $2.34 sprinkles. Well, he would end up paying. Our first date was the ocean. I wasn’t surprised. I just knew he was invested in this thing. Like, this matters to me. He was happy and satisfied. He was in awe. silently. And, I was too. We were happy. I love him with all my heart. We sat on the beach and watched the ocean. We knew. Sneaky and I’m skinny and alone. I was waiting for the shoe to drop yeah thats cool, yeah that’s cool. I know. small font. I know. But what about — what ever that is. At any moment they come and take away my happiness. No. You love me. i would crawl into you. then we went to get frozen yogurt which i knew he knew i wanted to go to bc its all the rage and i love trendy. and i love California. for that. and everything. and he, he pulled up and let me get out like ..a teenager. yeah. I love you for that. And, he didn’t like expect anything from me. I did the dinners. and the place was low-key but important. and he paid. which matters to these people. i just love frozen yogurt. and sprinkles.

[end of random short story]

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