Egg Crate Challenge!

It’s coming along! The concept of this art project is to create an Easter egg vibe for the spookiest of holidays! Hiding change in the egg crate is a simple and fun way for kids to “find money”. But, it’s also good for cognitive learning. Not only do you introduce the concept of safety and trust by incorporating scissors, which is terrifying for the adult! Self-expression is achieved with each miniature drawing of a single piece of candy corn and pumpkin.

Then, I usually count the change with the kids to introduce a quick math lesson. Por ejemplo, “we found 2 quarters how much is a quarter?” “what is 25 + 25?”) You now have 50 cents! Well, with two more quarters you can get an item at The Dollar Store! [tax is usually about 20 cents]. So, you need 1.20 cents. Really, less than that but it’s better to have more. This introduces the idea of a piggy bank or an actual bank.

Finally, it draws on memories because you think of Easter egg hunts so there is that connection. It also lays the foundation for understanding the 12 month calendar. Like, Easter is in April. How many months until Easter? Well, we are in October now (2018) so 6 months!!!! What number month is October? 10. What number month is April? 4! And, what happens on December 31, 2018? The number changes! 2019! New Year’s Eve.

And, last but not least! Repurposing household items. I find drawing candy for children reduces the amount of candy they eat. Yet, if approved by their pediatrician, candy is a part of the FDA approved Health Pyramid! And, in my humble opinion a positive, fun, inspiring, perennially young, and big American business. Not to mention lucrative. Candy has inspired fashion designers, musicians, and buildings!

I always love that we are health conscious in America and including all 32 other countries (with love and respect!) but I know that of people create lives and make money in factories. This concept was pointed out from the movie 8 Mile Road featuring Eminem (see! candy-inspo! ironic!) and then solidified by the American mid-west city of Detroit! (which inspired one of my favorite shows).

Detroit has long been reported in newspapers as having fiscal problems to the point of bankruptcy. Much of this had to do with factories closing. My grandma Florence and my grandpa Anthony, both passed on, may they rest in peace, and both on my mother’s side, The Carrullos, worked for Lipton’s tea and soup company. A large factory in New Jersey. Hundreds of jobs are provided by food companies, is all I’m saying. So, when we dismiss entire concepts like sugar and meat and soda!, as much as I’m mostly a vegetarian…I think of American jobs.

If this Halloween there is a huge anti-sugar race, then think of the sales loss companies like Hasbro and Nestle will endure. It affects sugar free products as well! This affects families. And, the quality of American and International lives. Azuca (s) comes from all over the world and el carmelo y bonbons (Spanish (s) et French (f) words for candy, respectively).

And, how can you be sure this Nutritional information applies to the majority and not just your specific dietary needs? Anyway, I’m all for safety and health and fitness, but I just thought…sweets and treats have a place in the fabric of our lives. When thinking of a balanced and healthy diet, because of course obesity costs money for Americans as well, (how?) Well, road pavements…hospital visits…food stamps. But I stick to The United States Government Surgeon General and FDA.

From Wikipedia: The 1992 pyramid introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was called the “Food Guide Pyramid”. It was updated in 2005, and then it was replaced by MyPlate in 2011.

I mean it gets so deep, like in the movie 8 Mile, when they all cypher in a group…that bond of friendship and families built in factory or job settings…the after work drink or tray of french fries shared which then supports bars and eateries! Not only that the quality of American lives. The quality of women’s lives! The workboots! So sexy! One of my best boyfriends ever wore timberlands to work at PSE&G. And, that’s another idea I draw upon when painting this candy coated picture of American utopia!


Anyway!! I use Sharpies for most of my projects and pens. My first boyfriend was a tattoo artist so it’s like pen drawings for everything!

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