What I’m Doing

Hello Dear Readers,

Want to know what I’m doing right now?

What’s up guys?

Right now, as my egg whites are cooking (I try to eat as clean as possible Monday – Friday. That’s egg whites and vegetables. Quick. Easy clean-up and fairly healthy. Then, on the weekend, I can portion more exotic foods, like Chilies, Soups, and Ethnic food. They are usually heavier and not as lowcal or lowcarbs. That’s when I have desserts as well.),

Anyway, I’m writing for Primo Luxe and Georgette McGriff.

I might have mentioned my freelance work before but I enjoy working with different companies. From writing bios to web design layouts, I look forward to assisting in anyway possible. I’ve worked with local business and fashion houses as a writer, editor, designer, and model.

Please email: Nicole.LoPresti@gmail.com if you would like help with your brand or company. It’s an honor.

With that being said, tonight I’m working with PrimoLuxe.com.

I hope you’re having a great night! How is it going?

I’m working on this and then I’m going to watch my boy in Black Lightening!! Tomorrow is Halloween, I have another costume…it’s a cat. I’m always cat because it’s sophisticated enough that I could drive in it but not NOT taking part. (to quote Nolan from Modern Family…He plays Luke!!! “I’m not NOT saying that, but I’m not saying that”). He’s dope.

Did anyone see the Halloween episode from last week? That’s Clair’s favorite holiday. Mine, too. Of course, I always remember Travis Barker and Shania Moakler and how much they loved Halloween. Heidi Klum fancies the holiday as well. She and her husband always do a big party. That’s cool.

Work has been pretty good. I spoke to a teacher friend this weekend, that’s an Instructional Coach for the Language Arts Curriculum. She works with all teachers and students on a daily basis for ELA K-8. That’s a big responsibility.

I just emailed my friend Shanel regarding her Jewelry line, HeavyMetalsNYC.com

Shanel, Kelly (from Glo Skin and Medspa in P.A.), and I watch Black Lightening on CW11 every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. Like I said, I’m soooo proud of Marvin Jones who plays Tobias. He was my date to Jocelyn’s wedding in Hawaii. Jocelyn married NY Giants SuperBowl Winner Antonio Pierce!!! They had the most beautiful wedding in Wakiki, Hawaii and we both had a great time. I spent some time in California and out there they treat their local celebrities like legends. We had a ball.

Anyway, now to see him on T.V. is pretty cool. He’s such a good actor and super cute!! Other than that, I’m looking for a microwave for my sister and her fiance, Jayson. I have a video interview I did of Jayson to post. They are adorable. He’s so young and super chill. They are moving in together and she mentioned that she needed a microwave so I was like, ok let me make that my contribution. Such a good sister I am. lol

What have you been doing? Leave a message. Let me know. As the holidays are upon us, the best thing I can think of is family. I love my family with all my heart. And, God knows that we are blessed to have everything we have. How good is God? Very Good.

All day everyday.

Speaking of family, check out the jpegs I imprinted below of one of my mentors, Georgette McGriff. Georgette has one of the most sophisticated day jobs as a Executive Assistant. I mean, she truly motivates me to be more professional, both in my speech and dressing. I met Georgette while I was a Communications intern for Warner Music Group. Georgette worked on the opposite side of the floor for Kevin Liles, a very celebrated music executive. It was really just the best experience to be around such sophisticated people. Mr. Liles office had 3 assistants. Walter (actually, Kelly’s ex-fiance which is how we became fast friends!) who I think works for Def Jam now, Georgette, and Cheryl, who now works for LeBron James! A welcomed addition to the Los Angeles Lakers.

I think LeBron is a breath of fresh air for the city. I’ve followed his career for a long time. Since he “took his talents to South Beach” (lol anyone remember that? Kelly- remember sitting on your living room floor  Avalon apartment in Edgewater, N.J. making handbags and watching the King on T.V.?). If you google search Kelly’s name, Kelly Horton, you can see she’s pretty popular as a designer of handbags. Although the line is defunt, I enjoy Kelly’s bags). The Ohio native, by all accounts and from watching interviews, is a team leader, humble, honest, fun, young, and a hard worker. Not to mention, muy guapo. I don’t know how the team is doing because I haven’t watched that many Lakers games buuuuuuut he makes me want to watch. I love sports but since I’m in South Jersey (which I heart) I miss my friends sometimes. No worries. Congratulations to LeBron James and the entire Laker’s team and much continued success to the entire NBA league. Go Lakers! Go Knicks!

So, with all that being said, I’m going to finish my work. Check out these jpegs below. Check out Georgette’s luxury accessories line, PrimoLuxe and have a pleasant night!

*update the jpegs aren’t loading, I’ll do another post soon. xx

Love you guys!




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