Mexican Culture

I mentioned in another post about Mexican Culture and the Day of the Dead and how it involves Halloween. Just a few quick posts from a website I adore! The amount of time and attention this woman puts in her website is really endearing.

I also like the restaurant BabyBo in Midtown which was introduced to me from a previous supervisor, Melissa Scragg, when I worked at Vibe Magazine as her production assistant. A collection of crosses can be found in this quaint Mexican eatery. My boyfriend John decorated my house with all these vintage crosses, I bought them on, but I believe they were from Italy. Not sure. Check out this video about making Mexican Candy Skulls…Sugar Skulls: How To Make Mexican Sugar Skulls for Day Of The Dead The video is very detailed.

Day Of The Dead from Bo in NYC.pngThis is BabyBo’s, Marvin and I went here with his daughter Heaven…although we used to go to Negril. I always order….Arroz Con Pollo. Of course! lol So basic. Viva La Mexico!!!!Screen shot 2018-10-26 at 3.04.30 PM Baby Bo.png

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