Dough(n’t) you want me baby?

hiiiya! That’s me in a Strong Arm Steadyyyyy top. ayeee. That’s what I keep telling you about! Marvin Jones, rap name Krondon plays Tobias Whaler on Black Lightening on CW 11! Tuesdays at 9:00pm. He’s one of my favorite ex boyfriends eva n from California. South Central born and raised!!!!!!

lol so of course Donut Pictures!!!!!

His old studio was across the street from a Starbucks (yes lawd), a 7-11 (thank you God), and a big fat donut shop with a huge donut in the air. I never went in but I always heard about them. Like, donuts donuts donuts. there’s something so cool about eating donuts. I’m going to do more donut reviews. you’ll like it. perks up the mood.

if you could only chose one?

In order:

1) Panda Donut

2) Sprinkles

3) Rice crispy treats , obvi

4) Chocolate sprinkles

5) Caramel chocolate glaze moment

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