Curb Your Enthusiasm

In the wise words of Harlem MC, Smoke Dza (back from my now deleted 2010 Twitter page), lol “I’m all the way curbing your enthusiasm.”

I used to work with Jonny Shipes who is Smoke Dza’s manager.

Mr. Shipes is completely awesome and smart! We all went to South x South West and I was in the car with Smoke Dza and he was the first person to put me onto Curb Your Enthusiasm….Yeah, I love it now. Larry David is so cute!!!! And, it’s a super smart show. The women are fabulous! It’s like even the small parts are big. Ummmmm, Hamilton episode was great!! He’s awesome! The cinematography is so vivid. They show you all these restaurants and things. I like how it’s…pretty exquisite what they do (working in show business) but still it’s family oriented.

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