New Episode! Tonight Tuesday November 13, 2018! ⚡️Black Lightening ⚡️on CW11 @ 9:00 p.m.

Tonight’s new episode follows last week’s repeat (which I still loved and watched). Below are some clips from the episode.

This is an award Marvin “Krondon” Jones III won. I always wanted him to win a Nickelodeon award for “Best Villain”.

For fellow fans, here’s the run down of my favorite character on the show, Tobias Whale. (although Christine Adams and Cress Williams are good as well). Tobias Whale is portrayed by Marvin “Krondon” Jones II.

He’s so hot!

Tobias Whale is a fictional character from the DC comic book, Black Lightening hence the title of the show. Next week, on November 20, 2018 to hype us up for the show, we should go over the difference between DC and Marvel. He’s the archenemy of Black Lightening, the main character.

Tobias is a bad mon played by Marvin Jones. You might know Marvin from a few posts I’ve had on this page about the group Strong Arm Steady. And, his solo career…with albums like “Everything’s Nothing” which I’m listening to as I write this on a lovely, cool afternoon in November.

When I worked at XXL Magazine, I introduced Krondon to Vanessa Satten which I was so happy to do because she’s one of the best editors to work for. By the way, did you pick up this month’s XXL? It reads “Fall” issue but I think it’s November. It features Meek Mill on the cover—I interviewed Meek Mill several times for the Freshman issue! He’s very humble and extremely talented. The first person to put me onto the Miami based label Maybach Music Group signee, was Jay Electronica—who used to watch his World Star Philadelphia freestyles over and over. I like to study for the layout, fonts, and ads. Vanessa works really hard on maintaining a tight ship. She’s the bomb! It reminds me of Vogue. I was the News Editor there and would post 6 – 10 stories a day.

I found some comprehensive articles on Marvin “Krondon” Jones III on the internet so I thought I would post them for fellow fans to see.

First, let’s check out his acting statistics.


IMBd page: Want to know more about this Los Angeles born and raised rapper turned actor? Check out his chops here on his IMBd page. Fun Fact: IMBd is a reliable resource for journalists to source.

Marvin “Krondon” Jones III (don’t forget to download the IMBd app, to check out your other favorite actors).

I try to post new articles each week. Below are 2 new articles about Marvin “Krondon” Jones, III.


  • The Undefeated
  • Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III embraces himself fully as a rapper, a villain and a black man with albinism
  • By Aaron Dodson

“Kendrick is my favorite, for real. Of this era, of this generation, he’s the best to me. I’m very proud of him and all of TDE. I like Nipsey Hussle a lot. I’ve watched him come up. … The Victory Lap album is like a West Coast classic to me. It’s one of those records where you learn about how the city of L.A.”

This is a personal photo and soundbite of Kendrick Lamar from an early New York City concert.

Thoughts: This is true! I saw a post of Schoolboy Q on Marvin “Krondon” Jones III Instagram page. He was in his (now defunct?) studio. P.S.: Where is Schoolboy Q’s new album? Marvin “Krondon” Jones III is always cultivating new talent or hip talent, on the rise. He has an album with Chase N. Cashe—who just modeled for this South Central, L.A. brand, BRICKS & WOOD Lookbook , that I found out about from Chase Infinite’s Instagram page. Why do I like this brand because I trust Chace’s (with a C) taste and it’s family based. Family, Cozy, and Safe is so glamorous.

Chase (with a S) is model and artist who reminds me of his Harlem counterpart rapper and model Skotch Davis who modeled for LRG.

You can purchase “Green N Gold” with Krondon and Chase N. Cashe here:

Here’s some info about BRICK’S & WOOD .

Another article:

  • TV Over Mind
  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Marvin “Krondon” Jones III
  • By Nat Berman

“Not His First Role Suffice to say that Krondon has been performing music for a long time. However, it is interesting to note that his role as Tobias Whale on Black Lightning will not be his first acting role. Instead, that was Castor Mukasa on Harry’s Law in 2001, which was about a group of misfit lawyers who went on to form a most unconventional law firm. While the TV show lasted no more than two seasons, it did manage to secure a Primetime Emmy Award along with other awards and accolades.”

Thoughts: True! He was on Harry’s Law back in 2011! He posted a photo of himself in the makeup chair. His friend, is a makeup artist for the show.

Ok, let’s learn more!:

They say it’s your birthday…(July 9…Cancer). Marvin is a cancer which reflects his strong and sensitive nature.

Happy Birthday! 💗🎀

Main Group: Strong Arm Steady

Members: Krondon, Mitchy Slick, Phil Da Agony


~ Deep Hearted

* Gang Mentality

~In Search of Stoney Jackson

Run Down:



Krondon’s Facebook



What do I know about Krondon/SAS:

Marvin “Krondon” Jones III was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles which always reminds me of my favorite holiday movie, “Friday After Next”.

I just saw it on television the other day but we should all watch it together. Let’s say…Friday December 21, 2018? Around 8:00 p.m.

I like it as much as “Jingle All The Way” and “Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation!”

Although, you’d have to give it up for Chevy Chase’s, “National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.” That’s a family favorite here.

My sister and I watch these all the time! Every Christmas.

But, Krondon is like really an interesting man. He’s a great actor. Good father. And, that’s it. He’s very active in his church when he’s able to attend in L.A. because he films in Atlanta so much for Black Lightening. His church is gorgeous! So big and expansive. He’s a really devout Christian. And, he reads the bible before breakfast every morning. I don’t know if he still does that but yeah. He takes care of his grandma. He takes her to church every Sunday. He has 2 daughters. Heaven from a Hispanic woman in NYC. And, Ella from a Caucasian woman in California.

He’s really into healthy food. He l♥️ves Jamba Juice.

They have something similar to this peanut butter bowl at Harun! I want it so bad!

Harun Coffee is…run…lol by Chace Infinite. A multitalented man from California.

Here’s an exert from High Snobiety , who named Chace Infinite as one of the most influential people in music.

Long before Chace Infinite was credited with helping usher in the A$AP movement, he himself was an artist who released music alongside DJ Khalil under their shared moniker, “Self Scientific” – culminating in 2005’s Change, and the eight-song Trials of the Blackhearted as a free download online in 2011 with features from Game, Talib Kweli, Big K.R.I.T. and Freddie Gibbs.

Additionally, Chace was an integral part of Lower East Side clothing shop, Prohibit NYC, which some have stated “served as the womb for A$AP’s combination of style and sonics” and spearheaded the importing of Japanese selvedge denim as far back as 2001.

He’s Marvin’s brother in a sense. CI manages Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky—who was featured in this month’s Vogue.

I always enjoyed Chace’s sense of fashion, ethnic understandings, and just mellow nature. He’s just a fascinating person to listen to and hear him talk. He’s like Marvin in that sense because they always know everything. That’s why I started hanging out with TDE because Punch reminded me of Chace. And, the OOG crew…Phil Da Agony, Planet Asia, Skinhead Rob, Brock, and so on.

I met Punch at XXL and I was like…these are the new OG’s in a few years. Except I don’t know if Kendrick is like that—he’s a little R&B smooth like Ty Dolla $ign- lol.

Kendrick is a mystery but he reminds me of this: which I saw on Harun’s Instagram page. It’s like Kendrick Lamar is these donuts. Because they are regular donuts but still you know there’s more to them. He’s not quite Meek Mill in terms of jewerly and Miami but he’s NOT not Meek Mill either (to borrow from a Modern Family line). You know what I mean? You know what I meeeean? I think he’s Miami too though.

Speaking of TV, Kendrick made his debut on Starz “Power” which I watched with my mom. I’m in school to be a teacher so at nights, I watch TV with my mom often. She’s a big Black Lightening fan. Obvi. 💗 I learned that from Punch’s Instagram page. Punch is the Vice President of TDE. My dad’s the President of our condominium.

When I saw this page, I thought of Kendrick. Because the donuts look like him, no? BTW, did you know that “Damn.”, Kendrick’s album was nominated for 6 Grammy’s?

That’s one of my favorite albums ever.

The reason why I mention all these people in a Black Lightening post was because Krondon was the first person I knew from California and he always knows all the coolest, new people. He even knew this guy who lived in the valley with monkeys in his backyard like the…Playboy Mansion.

Other fun Krondon facts!

He goes to the movies at The Grove in Los Angeles.

He’s a former model although he just modeled for this African clothing line. He looked good. I think they sell the clothing at his brother’s coffee shop, Harun Coffee in Leimert Park, California.

If you’re in the area and want to visit, here’s the deets:

I like that it’s in Leimert Park because Dom Kennedy is from there. And, also, I learned after reading a wikipedia page about Leimert Park that lots of Vietnam Veterans live in that area. I’m a big Veteran supporter because my dad and I have a special bond over Veterans day. It’s like our thing. We go sometimes to this monument and I always get a card for him. He’s shy, quiet, humble, soft, hardworking, and surprisingly (or maybe not), well read. We bond over shows like Stergis “Full Throtle” and Ice Truckers, and Sabor. We also watch War movies, the TV show Choppers, and every Christmas—Fargo! That’s our favorite movie. Dad’s seen the Titanic over 30 times. This Veterans Day, I bought the presents below. I talked about my dad and the army in a previous post. Just search Army. Anyway, when I heard that Harun Coffee was in that area I was so happy.

This is the store front of Harun. As you can see, ample parking. I’m studying marketing and I like to think that there’s lots of potential with a place like this. There’s no one better to run this place than Chace. Everywhere he goes he creates a buzz. 🐝 And, it’s like Prohibit NYC—does anyone remember that place?

Allen Street was so popular because of Chace. It really incubated new talent. Lots of tastemakers and wannabe kids. No biggie. So, what…it’s ok to dream kids. I love you.

Visit Harun’s Coffee on Instagram

Marvin “Krondon” Jones used to model for Calvin Klein.

The show he is on right now is called Black Lightening on the CW11 network.

You can watch a free episode here! Although, it’s on basic cable. CW11. I love that network! So young, homey, and fun.

I also filmed a bunch of episodes from my own home on my iPhoneX! Which I traded for iPhone 10! It was too big is what I thought but now I miss it. But I’ll only have this phone for 2 years! Like I said, on next week’s episode I’ll post more clips of the show.

Anyway, Kron, as his friends affectionately call him, did this bit part on Harry’s Law, too. He posted this picture of him in the makeup chair on his Instagram back in 2011, entitled “American Dreams”.

Here’s more from IMBd including the directors, music, cinematography, and writing credits.

He’s just warm. He dresses in sweaters. He has worn the brand Leroy Jenkins, Prohibit NYC, and Diamond Supply.

His friend, Brock Korsan used to give him all these Diamond Supply clothes. You can read more about Brock here.

From The Coveteur article:

The industry wouldn’t be what it is without these key players, a major one of them being Brock Korsan, known to many by his internet alias, Brocky Marciano. Korsan is a jack-of-all-trades—“The Winston Wolfe of music,” as Complex calls him—splitting his time between artist management, producer management, consulting, being a managing partner for No Vacancy Inn, and working A&R (artists and repertoire; aka artist development and talent scouting) for Interscope Records. While Korsan has been working independently as A&R for many years with artists like Alchemist, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q (just to name a few), this is the first time he has actually worked inside a company, with an official title: VP of Urban A&R.

Marvin is good friends with Skinhead Rob a.k.a Robert Aston from the Fairfax crew. I wonder if all his friends miss him while he’s in Atlanta?

He knows the entire FF area. I don’t know what car he drives now in Los Angeles but probably the same car. Because he’s been so busy working—which he loves to do! He’s a work horse.

Sidenote: Harry’s Law featuring Academy Award winner Kathy Bates as a lawyer.:

Harry’s Law: Wikipedia

Creator: David E. Kelley

Channel: NBC

Fun Fact From Wiki:

NBC is sometimes referred to as the “Peacock Network“, in reference to its stylized peacock logo, introduced in 1956 to promote the company’s innovations in early color broadcasting. It became the network’s official emblem in 1979.

It’s not just working on the show though! Krondon produces music, works with DJ Khalil, and is also solo artist, too. For the show he has obligations like press, award shows, and comic con which they just had in ATL. Not to mention, also taking care of himself so he looks good on T.V. Facials, gym, and hair grooming.

The concerts are what I like the most. Strong Arm Steady concerts unite all ages, types, genders, and races. There’s a large Hispanic population that likes them, especially Mexicans! Viva La Mexico. Coming from California, with East L.A., there’s a large Mexican population.

Things you can google about MKJII a.k.a. Marvin “Krondon” Jones III: Stones Throw, Black Smith, Corey Smith, and Talib Kweli’s label.

He has to relax also because it’s important he rest for the show. Just like everyone has to rest. Enjoy life. His friends are expansive. Krondon “Marvin” Jones is sooooo popular. He really is. It must be hard to manage his friendship schedule. Making sure he ministers and gives proper time and energy to everyone. Marvin always said, “It’s the time spent not the money that shows you how someone feels”. So. True.

The thing is, it all seems so glamorous but what makes these people special (in my humble servant opinion) is their sensitivity and sense of family. It’s partly why I did this post, because just like I’m live baking a pie tomorrow for Thanksgiving, all these men represent family to me. It’s like…they curate the culture yet at the same time police the culture.

KMJII is cool with cops. I’ve noticed on our travels—our drives in NYC and California that he gets respect from police. One time, driving with the entire group into the city from New Jersey, we got pulled over. Even if he had marijuana in the car he didn’t get in trouble and they were so nice. He has a medical card. He has a dog “Nala”. I don’t know who takes care of the dog when he’s away. Probably the mother of his child.

I think he likes working with the CW11 because they treat him like a star like the way he is meant to be treated.

We went to Hawaii together for my friend, Jocelyn’s wedding to Super Bowl star and ESPN reporter Antonio Pierce. I always like Antonio on ESPN. The way he talks about sports is digestible. Plus, he’s kinda handsome. And, his wife is very elegant. Thoughtful. Caring. And, sweet. We wore orange dresses but it was like the color mango or like mandarin. He looked so handsome. He wore a tan suit, of course. Perfect. I walked down the aisle with a Super Bowl legend. He was so big and you could tell he was important. The wedding was at the Grand Wailea Resort. Before Jocelyn got married we had a business called, “Deux Dames”. It was an event planning company.

You can read about the wedding here: InStyle Magazine

Marvin and I walked all over the island to find Backwoods! They use Fonto Leaf now.

Jocelyn purchased me this really nice Baby Phat bag and earrings that I loved and I really miss them. It’s like…why isn’t Baby Phat around? JP was a fit model for the brand. She also modeled for Sweet Pea, remember that brand. By Jennifer Lopez—fyi JLo has a new movie coming out on December 20, 2018. I like their clothes. We both interned at Warner Music together in the Communications department. I also like Thalia’s brand: Thalia Sodi.

As my sister prepares to get married and reminds me so much of Jocelyn, I can’t help but think of the first wedding I was in ever! First time BM!

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to all these people because without Marvin Jones, I would have never known of all this good, soul feeding stuff. He’s the most amazing man. God broke the mold when they made him. And, then to be fair…without John Wolcott by first boyfriend, I would have never known hiphop so much. We went to a Roots concert and I wore a white puffy coat and white pants with Puma sneakers. John’s a Muay-Thai coach. John’s incredible. He’s the most handiest man you’ll meet—he fixes everything. He’s very strong. Sturdy. Sexy. He’s a gourmand—he knows new places to eat and his work ethic is impressive. He’s also a teacher. I like him. I think he would make a great dad.

John’s YouTube interview

This is me at Smoke Dza concert! Hi Johnny Shipes!

Isn’t he handsome? His Mom and Dad love Nascar. Me too.

Tonight there is a new episode of Black Lightening.

Want to catch up on Season 1?

The CW’s DC Comics small screen maestro Greg Berlanti has teamed up with the husband-wife creative duo of Mara Brock Akil and husband Salim Akil to bring us the Black Lightning TV show.

The Akils come to the table with valuable dramatic experience writing and producing African-American-centric shows such as Being Mary JaneThe GameGirlfriends, and Soul Food. The collaboration – which sees the Akils as executive producers alongside Berlanti and Sarah Schechter – finally has DC Comics’ very first headlining black superhero Jefferson Pierce, aka Black Lightning, making his way to live action.

This article reminds you that the DC Comic book Black Lightening was what started this all. Below are some cool photos of the famed comic book.


First Black superhero: For DC, Black Lightening. For Marvel: Black Panther. Luke Cage was the first black comic character to have his own series.

Marvin “Krondon” Jones attended this years Comic Con with his fellow cast members.

Ok, see you tonight!

Don’t Forget!! Follow the Black Lightening star here:



Krondon’s Facebook





P.S—-> None of this would have been made possible without God and the help of my teachers from Middle School to HighSchool, including College. Thank you to all teachers! Especially, Mrs. Forman from Maplewood who was my Achieve Tutoring contact person and inspired me to get my teaching degree! And, none of that is possible without my parents. Who instilled in me a love of music from our boat rides and also let me have a fun, young life. They encourage me but protect me as well as nurture my creative side. Thank you.

Bruuuuce 💗 (Springsteen)

The first man of my life. A good man with a good wife.

Love (again),



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