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*My friend and occasional “boss” Georgette McGriff has a fabulous Italian glove and accessories line called Primo Luxe. Occasionally, I work with her on freelance opportunities. Georgette encouraged me start my Pinterest page. Check my page out here and her page out, here! Thanks G!

These are my favorite pair of gloves from the Primo Luxe Fall/Winter 2018 collection:

Hi guys,

Hope you had a great week following Thanksgiving. I’ve been so busy this week! I’ve neglected this page a bit but I’m going to post my Thanksgiving Day photos and the *’~*~’*~Christmas Tree Lighting*’~’*~*’. It was pretty awesome. I watched with my mom and did work on the computer. I hope you guys are enjoying that endearing week between Thanksgiving and the start of the Holiday Season.

Tis’ The Season To Be Happy!

I love my family so much.



p.s. —> My Pintrest page is like Disney Land!

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