V Magazine: KAWS: Khiel’s For A Cause

Kiehls Creme de Corps.jpeg


Hed: Kiehl’s For A Cause

Dek: KAWS and Kiehl’s team up for limited editions of Crème de Corps

By: Nicole LoPresti

While the time-tested contents in Kieh’s cult-classic lotion, Crème de Corps, go untouched the packaging has received a major upgrade thanks to New York artist, KAWS, adding his signature pop art twist. In addition to designing a colorful, optimistic label, KAWS has designed the “Peace. Love. Kiehl’s.” holiday window campaign to be unveiled this holiday season in stores in the US and around the world in an effort to raise more awareness for the charitable mission. Best part? You won’t just be treating your skin to an all-you-can-eat buttery buffet, you’ll also be fulfilling this year’s charity quota: 100% net profits from each sale of KAWS for Kiehl’s benefits RxART.

V Magazine caught up with KAWS to get the inside scoop on the collaboration.

Nicole L. What Kiehl’s product is a must-have for you?

KAWS White Eagle Shave Cream

NL: When did you first learn of Kiehl’s?  How did the collaboration start?

KAWS I first learned of Kiehl’s in the early 90’s. I’m not sure how I was introduced to the brand but I started to use their White Eagle Shave Cream at that time and have been using ever since. The project started when I was approached by Kiehl’s last year about doing a collaboration for charity. I was immediately interested because I always like the way Kiehl’s operated as a company and thought working together seemed like a good fit. The fact that it was for charity made it perfect.

NL: What does the art on the Kiehl’s label mean?

KAWS I wanted to create something that had a positive vibe to it and a lot of color.  Kiehl’s has always kept their packaging simple throughout their history and I wanted to interrupt that for a moment and make the Creme de Corps label pop more so that more people notice it. It is all going to charity so that was important to create something that people would want to buy.

Available at www.kiehls.com 8.4 oz. $26.50; 6.9 oz with pump $44.50; 1 liter $70.00


Kiehl's and Kaws

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