🎄A Christmas Season Introduction: 🎄Pine Smells 🧣 18 More Days!

I’m always in awe of nature. I love different smells and just man made things. Well, I guess not just man…but God. I was writing under a deadline just now, at my office, and I crushed up a piece of pine needle that fell onto the table. Then, I randomly smelled my hand and it was like an authentic pine smell! Because I have this room freshener and it smells like pine. And, this just reminded me of how humbling life can be. Like, God made something that looks so “Christmas-y” and beautiful and then we recognize this amazing smell. And, of course, we couldn’t do this without the help of America and all 32 other countries that create this global economy and awesome world we live in! Thank you God for my blessings and thank you to everyone who reads this blog! I love you.

p.s.—> did you ever think about how God made all these “Christmas-y” items and then someone attributed them to other things? Do you think God made them for Christmas? I do. Or, do you think we just said “oh that’s Christmas”. I think he made them *just* for Christmas.

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