Saturday December 1, 2018: Kendrick Lamar on Saturday Night Live

“I can’t keep ridin’ ridin’ round that open street…(windows tinted) I need tints. I need tints.” 

Prior to Kendrick Lamar giving Anderson .Paak his co-sign, the Oxnard, California native was relatively unknown. Having released an album in 2012 entitled, O.B.E. Vol. 1, under the pseudonym Breezy Love Joy—-.Paak was a newcomer to the music stratosphere. Fast forward 5 years later and several “dots”— from the dot before the capital P in his name to the dots between the name of  his premier album, finally Anderson .Paak is performing with the one and only K-Dot.

The stage was set for a December 1, 2018 showdown–although for Kendrick Lamar the showdown occured 3 days earlier. Rewind back to November 28, 2018, dim the lights in Madison Square Garden and get the camera’s rolling. Complete with a ferris wheel and life size cartoon bear, the Houston Texas rapper performed in-front of a New York City crowd for over an hour before Kendrick Lamar came through and blessed the stage.

Reciting the lyrics to “Goosebumbs” was half the battle as the Kardashian and Jenner family was in the house filming for their next episode. Being 1/2 of a Kardashian/Jenner couple means being camera ready 24/7 but being the father of Kylie Jenner’s 10-month-old-daughter means extra responsibility. Kylie posted videos of herself backstage with her adorable daughter. Watch the makeup mogul (Net-worth upwards of $900 million dollars!) have a great time getting ready for the show and then chill out with the father of her child during the show here: Kylie Jenner’s Tour Diary Volume 1 and Kylie Jenner Tour Diary Volume 2.

Kendrick Lamar’s Kardashian connection comes in the form of Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West. The 30-year-old executive producer and part-time actor with roles in 50 Cent’s television hit “Power”, has been busy. He’s been out and about in New York City. And, he’s probably gearing up for Top Dawg Entertainment’s annual Christmas Philanthropy event. Remember when Kendrick got the keys to the city of Compton? He was the parade marshal. That was so awesome!

Prior to his City of Compton key holder status in 2015, Kendrick Lamar was always a Compton representative. And, he always alerts his fans to new artists. Anderson .Paak has a really smooth voice. New York City has been very fortunate this holiday season. Kendrick Lamar has performed twice in 2 very big outlets. First, he surprised the Madison Square Garden crowd by performing at Travis Scott’s MSG venue.  Up-and-coming artists and legends are known to stop by Saturday Night Live for, you guessed it, live performances. This was no exception. As always, Kendrick dressed to impress and had a captivating performance. I always like his performances and sense of style. He’s always wears clothes that fit well and have shiny textures. For example, his boxers and his jacket. His boxer briefs that were slightly showing during his Travis Scott performance are shiny and almost “dressy” boxers. And, his tee-shirts have been layered with a white tee underneath. The pulitzer prize winner has been wearing his hair well-groomed with tight braid–looking very clean and warm. From the way he dresses, I can tell he is ready to become a father. He seems well put-together and neat. Focused and calm. I look forward to the next album!

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