Eminem’s new video

Did anyone get to see Eminem’s new video? Jessie Reyez is in the video as Eminem’s paramour.

It’s very vivid and features beautiful colors with grey and steely blues. Directed by ________. (?). I wonder what the handsome Detroit native is doing for the holidays. This is one of my favorite videos of Eminem picking out sneakers with Complex (@Complex) Magazine. The footage was shot during a snuggly snowy evening in Detroit and I pictured him walking about with his boys shopping and spending money.

He’s so cute. The video featuring his artist, Jessie Reyez, is from his Kamakazie album which had a vivid “crash” inspired cover with Asian writing. It corresponds with a SOLD OUT crewneck from his awesome clothing line found on Eminem.com. I say this all the time, the products are produced in Mexico and the fabric is “beyond”(an Eminem word from his album, —”‘Cuz your name I’m beyond saying!”) it never loses shape, it’s very fresh and soft. Do you remember the @Mom’s Pasta Pop-Up” that was during Christmas too! I love when Eminem comes out for the holiday—he’s so warm and sexy and family friendly, I love him. Hip-hop X The holidays is not something new. They do it well! I think LL Cool J (@LlCoolJ) did something for hip-hop…maybe like theeee RunDMC group. They are very good at Hip-hop and holiday things. TDE has an annual Christmas event. I love it. They are so genuine. Kendrick Lamar, the Top Dawg Ent., leader is featured on another romance song with Eminem. From that album, I like the song “Bad Guy”. This is like the sister version.

Wishing everyone in Michigan a happy holiday. And, blessings to Paul Rosenberg. Why isn’t there a Hanukkah emoji? How is Michigan State doing? Today is signing day.

Read what Pitchfork has to say about Eminem and Jessie Reyz.

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