How To: Make A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwiches are delicious. I like to make them if I’m craving comfort food. They aren’t that fattening. I try to eat them sporadically. Anyway, I like to make them because they remind me of my Auntie Ann, a beautiful family member. You need 2 pieces of bread, cheese, butter, a pan, toaster, and a stove. I use ground pepper. I heat up the stove, put a pan on the stove, I take a slice of butter let it melt. Then, let the butter melt a bit into the bread…you can massage it in. Then, use cheese. I take the cheese and place it between the bread. Before I close the bread, I twist some black ground pepper. Then, it cooks on the stove. Once it’s done I place it on a plate with cut up fruit. I cut bananas, sliced grapes, and apples. Then, for when we have a baby…I put chopped apples and bananas. That way, I imagined, he could have his lunch and eat it with the baby and give it to the baby…

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