Opinion: The Music Business meets the Education World!

  • Hi guys! I just wanted to share my thoughts on freedom of expression in the Music Business and how I marry that with being a conservative traditionalist teacher. This is for my parents and even future students because I know that, as I prepare to be a mom, I hope to have diverse, fun teachers (like the teachers I’m blessed to work with!) for our children. And, I truly love teaching. Prior to teaching, I was a journalist in music. Some of my favorite artists are Drake, Bruce Springsteen, Cher, Eminem, Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Bush, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Lopez. Sometimes the music I listen to is filled with cuss words and radical thoughts. But, I, myself don’t use cuss words. I’d just like to say that the Music Business is extremely glamorous! Stepping into a Record Label is so much fun! From the baby grand piano to the interior decorated offices, the staff and independent owners work hard to provide listeners with music they can enjoy. Music to workout to, music to have romantic dinners to, music to paint the perfect backdrop for a first job interview. That’s why if I support an artist, I purchase the music or listen on YouTube. It’s so much fun but it’s still a business so that means that most people don’t really live the life they promote—not even the artists! Most people, work extremely long hours with little time for indulgences of any kind. Plus, not many artists have that much money! While I love entertainment and going out with my boyfriend, I love living sober. I don’t do drugs or drink and I believe in traditional marriage roles. In high-school, I had a boyfriend and I lived with him my Junior and Senior year. I attended a very prestigious academy—Mount Saint Dominic Academy and took college credits at a high-school level. I never drank or did drugs in high-school. With a full scholarship from Monmouth University, I majored in Communications: Public Relations and Journalism. I triple minored in African American studies, Gender Studies, and Sociology. I’m celibate with a devout Roman Catholic faith that I attribute to my mother’s faithful Sunday mass attendance and contributions and a boyfriend of 10 years. While in college, I completed internships for college credit. I interned at Warner Music Group and Sirius Satellite Radio. That’s where I met Krondon on Eminem’s Shade 45 radio station—where I interned for Angela Yee. I was a production intern where I helped prep the Wesleyan graduated host and prepare for talent. Sometimes Krondon’s music talks “pimps” and hoes. Words I don’t like or believe in. I love the Music Business but not the way they promote violence, drugs, or women abuse. Even though I have never seen any of that… In fact, every-time we go out he pays for everything. The last time I saw my good friend Krondon was at the London hotel and he took me to a beautiful lunch and dinner. He’s so sweet and a respected producer, actor, artist, and family man. I’ve never seen anything that I’ve heard of in the songs but I still don’t agree. My boyfriend and I discuss this often—and, especially on Monday nights when we watch the show with my Mom…mind you he pays for my current college education! Lol! So, it’s tuff because he likes treating me but yet music glorifies role reversals which don’t work—at all! I love music still and I’m so proud of Marvin as an artist and actor. He’s so talented and an extremely devout Christian. He reads books by the likes of T.D. Jakes and gave me a book, “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. Go Krondon! Also, another artist that I love his music is Schoolboy Q and he is also a good father and has a great talent but sometimes he talks about things I don’t like either. I worked with Kendrick Lamar and the entire TDE for the “Freshman Issue” for XXL Magazine. And, they are phenomenal. I really enjoyed their artistry. I just wish sometimes, the way they are in real life translated more to the album content. I look forward to a new album from the Interscope signed artist, Kendrick Lamar, a California native nominated for a 2019 Grammy (although he has won over 10 Grammy’s and is a Pulitzer Prize winner!). Be sure to check out the Grammy’s this Sunday February 10, 2019 at 5:00 pm on CBS. And, if you are bored…watch my musings on the business below! If you like these videos, please leave a note in the comments section.
  • So, let me ask you—do you have any artists you love but don’t like their cussing? I like the Parental Advisory sticker versions best. Or, better question, anyone wish hip-hop was less aggressive? Or, sexually explicit?

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