Want to go to School? Checkout California rapper, Schoolboy Q’s latest song!

For some, Graduation’s

right around the corner but class is most definitely still in session. California’s Schoolboy Q

comes out for a spring surprise with this TK (will find out soon!) produced banger possibly featured on his new album…TBA….TDE (Twitter.com/TopDawgEnt and TxDxE.com, respectively)

has been dropping hints lately about the status of their all-stars—from King Kendrick to Schoolboy Q—the rosters looking “priiity, prriiitty good”, to quote a Curb Your Enthusiasm epithet.

With a new season on the way, the Larry David driven show (first mentioned to me by Harlem’s Smoke Dza during a South by South West interview—”I’m all the way curbing your enthusiasm”) is as anticipated as Hoover’s own, Schoolboy Q’s, third major-label album. The much anticipated record comes as a follow up to his impressive top selling album of 2016. Q’s not the only dawg with details to spill. Rumors have it that the groups lead rapper, Kendrick Lamar, is cooking up something delicious. Hmmm, an HBO series and a possible Pulitzer Prize (Lamar won the honor in 2018—Time’s magazine covered it here) directed musical effort on the way? Let’s hear it for the boys…(of summer).

Check out more about Schoolboy Q’s album here. It’s an expert panel discussing the California native’s new work curated by MTV’s Rob Markman—a really smart and well-informed journalist and on-camera personality with hip-hop heavy roots including my old stomping grounds, XXL Magazine. Please visit XXLMag.com, I’m curious to hear what the ‘zine’s Editor-In-Chief, Vanessa Satten, has to say about the new song. It’s been a long time since Q dropped anything and TDE was near and dear to XXL Magazine’s heart (and all music journalists), understandably, as the group features a few Freshman. I’m sure they mentioned the producer in this clip but it’s slightly long so I’ll watch it at the gym later this week. I’m currently teaching first grade math and redecorating our bedroom…oh! and I have a job interview on Friday. *fingers crossed*

Want to learn more about XXL Magazine: XXLMag.com

Be sure to check out Rob Markman’s previous interviews here. You *might* also recognize his voice from hosting Wiz Khalifa’s album, Taylor Allderdice.


A hip-hop panel discussion lead by Rob Markman


“Numb Numb Juice” – Schoolboy Q

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