Teaching Journal: I’m a Spring Substitute Teacher!

Hey guys! We made it to Friday Afternoon! It’s 3:55 p.m. here and I’m excited to share my updates. I celebrated my birthday. I was a substitute teacher at Holmdel Preschool—which has an amazing property. The grounds are gorgeous! There’s a pool for summer activities and an interactive playground.

I hope to teach there again, soon!

I’m going to the South Orange/Maple Wood public school district on Saturday April 27, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for STEAM: Maker Madness! A day of scientific discovery! Think: Robots! lol I.Can’t.Wait!

I have a hodgepodge of photos below. It’s messy lol but it works. I’ll take you through the items. The seeds are for planting and seed discovery. I have little containers to store them. I also have child-safe spoons/gardening tools for an outside activity that’s sure to engage the young student using all 5 senses. Sight. (What do you see on the ground? Do you see any flowers? Ok, let’s plant some seeds!). Sounds. (Do you hear birds? Do you hear the wind? Do you hear the seeds being shuck around the box?) Taste. (I make a cru de tay, a platter with fresh vegetables because veggies also come from the ground. Yum.). Touch. (In the lyrics of Christina Aguleria, “let’s get dirty!”. About a week prior to the event, I like to send home a notice—please dress your child in ready-to-work clothes! The “dirtier” the better! It’s our Spring Cleaning/Gardening Day! Don’t fear the dirt! With that being said, can you feel the dirt run through your hands? Can you feel the wind on the nape of your neck? Can you touch the tiny seeds?). Smell (Can you smell the fresh air? Can you smell the dirt? I purchase flowers from Trader Joes (around $6.00 for a bouquet and have the students smell each individual flower.).

These are Bunny popsicle sticks! “Some Bunny l💗ves you!”:

Project Name: Nicole’s Easter Popsicle Sticks

Time: 30 minutes

Items Needed: •Popsicle Sticks ($1 at The Dollar Tree)

• Glue ($1 at The Dollar Tree)

•Cotton Balls ($1 at The Dollar Tree)

•Googly Eyed ($1 at The Dollar Tree)

•Cardboard Paper ($1 at The Dollar Tree) (….for Bunny Ears…..)

•Sheet of plastic you put down prior to putting down your newspaper. Seran Wrap ($1) at The Dollar Tree store.

•Newspaper ($1 at the Dollar Tree, which is only available in the afternoon…because they go pretty fast.) Or, $1.50 – $3.00 at 7/11.

Total Cost of Nicole’s “Sum Bunny Loves You” Bunny Project: $8 Dollars or $10.00 if you went to 7/11 for newspapers.


I made brownies for my first day! I always bake something! There was a Bake Sale, as well! 🍪🍩🥧🧁🍰

In this photo, you can see a plethora of teaching items from the Dollar Tree.I like Butterflies for Spring and Flowers. There’s Tongs for motor skills work (Montessori Style!) using pom poms and flowers. I like Play Dough, too. I purchased bubbles for outdoor discovery, I also have outdoor sidewalk chalk. I have a Luau necklace for Circle Time. Student of the day gets to wear it when they lead circle time. I really like that Holmdel Preschool has an athletics program because I enjoy playing ball with the little ones. The pink ball is to get them pumped for Spring! Of course, there are no sports during this month so I just fantasize. Ok, so full disclosure—I should be making my own “Art Tools” or “Teacher Tools” but sometimes I don’t have time with housekeeper responsibilities. Plus, fitness and beauty endeavors! It’s alot of work. I really love puzzles! I found these Hatchimals: Hatchimals.

This is a photo of lollipops and smarties which equal summer season to me! I like Lollipops because they get you ready for the pool! And, I like Smarties because they go well with my brilliant craft idea: “I’m an A+ student!”. You then tape the Smarties onto the white sheet of paper and it’s a really fun, motivational project that I find parents love! 🍎

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