NYC: 2001

Hello readers,

This is my beautiful friend, Jocelyn Maldonado Pierce’s photo of New York City during a life changing event that occurred while I was in high school. As Best Friends, our thoughts go out to the family and friends of every single person affected by this event. Her husband, Antonio Pierce, is a celebrated NFL football player and currently coaches in California. With 3 children, Mrs. Pierce is not only a model but also a celebrated real estate developer. My husband was my guest to The Pierce wedding and we had a blast. Taking place in Hawaii, I stayed at The Marriott with my boyfriend at the time since he is the love of my life. The coolest boy around, Krondon Jones… Krondon is a television actor and movie star. Actually, I think JP was on TV – I forgot to tell my mom. Anyway, her Puerto Rican heritage is something I’m proud of and my husband and I want to go to PR sooooooo bad. I miss vacations. My life has literally sucked since I became a teacher and Kron a movie star. I got pregnant. Had to do like weird weight loss experiments for the government. I’ve been miserable. I can’t even smoke cigarettes anymore. I miss my friend Shanel. I miss Marvin. I miss his kids! Omggggg she’s so gorgeous! Both!!! My babies. Negril Forever. Anyway, after Covid the best laid plans. California forever!!!!! #Marcole #Weeeeeeed


Nicole 💗

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