Infant Care 💗 by Nicole LoPresti

Hi guys! How’s your fresh Saturday? Since I’m the biggest fan of Preschool centers, from Montessori Method to Lightbridge Academy…I just wanted to share my child rearing thoughts from infants to 6 months. Again, this is from the age of birth (which is 0) to 6 months old. I like to get up in the morning and prepare my baby. First is lots of kisses and cuddling and then I like to comb her hair. Then, I like to provide a premade Almond milk bottle with enhanced protein powder such as Similac and or Gerber Baby. I like to brush your hair then put clips in…After, I like to give the baby a bath and lightly wash. Ummm I do this in the sink using a bath 🛀 thing…I put just a little water then I use bath products like BabyOrganic or Honest Company. It’s like bath wash and lotion, the same type of lotion that you can use as a human. But, for children…then more milk. Then a walk outside to check property, mail box, and garbage. I like to bring the baby back in and remember to dress for the cold.

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