Matcha Green Tea Strawberry Cake

I want my Mom to make this for me.

The Gastronomy Gal

Green tea cake with fresh strawberries and strawberry cream is a beautiful and light dessert that is perfect for tea time!

Not all cakes have to be dense and overly sweet, right? I actually prefer lighter cakes that aren’t as sweet. Many cakes, especially American ones, tend to have high fat and sugar content which can leave people feeling overly full. Thus, I tend to make genoise sponges or regular sponges where egg whites, rather than fats, provide much of the cake’s structure.

On top of making sponges, I like to add fruit or infuse tea into the cake to balance the sweetness of the cake. I love green and earl grey tea, but some other great flavors include chamomile, lavender, and black tea. This recipe is for a matcha green tea and strawberry cake, which looks beautiful as the red and green give a lovely holiday vibe! The cake…

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