Fall Preschool – Kindergarten worksheets

Hey guys! Below are all my necessary worksheets that should get you thru the month of September. I’m doing Apple mania (counting, coloring, tracing, picking, and name tags) as well as I do leaves, football, and harvest. I don’t rush into Halloween until October and hence forth November. But I’m all set, honestly, for the rest of the year! Ummm I’m doing lots of nature walks, where you can let’s say take a Ziplock bag and a sharpie and identify three items like 1) an Acorn 2) Leaves 3) Flowers and then you can even clip them and put them in the Ziplock bag. Other activities outdoors can include a soccer game (which is Fall oriented because remember you have Basketball in November!!!! Let’s go Heat!!!) I like sounds of leaves.

Here are some books you can read for Preschool, Kindergarten or First graders:

Start of school music:

Football Understanding:

Football Preschool book:

Here’s some Fall music:

2022 Labor Day Advantage:

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