MLK Jr. Day is Monday! Here’s my syllabus!

Hey guys! This is my sylly for MLK Jr. Day! I hope you like it. I’m doing Circle Time with this song which we are learning this week.

I like this for 2nd grade. I’m K – 6 certified but my heart and experience lies in Preschool as I became engaged during my first year at a Montessori —which was my first teaching gig in Neptune.
This is cool for 3 year olds if you’re a Preschool teacher. Simply print this out, let them explore with crayons and then fold for a card effect. I mean you can even let them color on just one side and let an assistant professionally apply let’s say glitter or fine point markers.
This is ok for 5 year olds, right before Kindergarten. I think 3 year olds plus. I did this with 3 year olds and they were really able. Lol
I like this for two year olds…
Use your scissor skills second graders as this is a thrilling cut and compression, don’t you think?
My babies! I use this for Infant (teachers are mind-readers! Lol) and beyond! Let’s have some fun!
All of these are teacher approved and kid friendly!

So you have worksheets, you have your song-along song, you have your YouTube videos…and then again, you have some good books:

Nothings says, good night like reading to your child. But I also love to read during snack time!!!!

Looking Forward,

Ok so also I’m looking forward, as a teacher, to February for African-American history month! If you’re a Long Branch, New Jersey native you might have video of me teaching this exact lesson plan a few years ago at Anesthesia public school! It’s really effective.

Things to know: February is a busy month. You have Lincoln’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and the entire month is African-American studies month. You also have, which I teach Football on Feb 12, and Mardi Grai!!!

Let’s do a quick Valentine lesson plan…

Preschool Valentine’s Day Theme 
Happy Heart, Sad Heart Song

Happy Sad Heart Puppet Song

Happy Heart, Sad Heart Song 
Use With Puppets 

Tune to: Are You Sleeping 
Are you happy? Are you happy?
{Hold up happy face puppet} 

Pink heart, pink heart
{point at pink heart} 

Show me your smile, show me your smile, 
{Point to smile on puppets face} 

Ha, ha, ha – ha, ha, ha 

Are you sad? Are you sad?
{Hold up sad puppet} 

Pink heart, pink heart
{point at pink heart} 

See that frown, see that frown, 
{Point to frown on puppets face} 

Boo, hoo, hoo – boo, hoo, hoo 
{Pretend to cry and pretend to wipe eyes} 

Have the children make their heart puppets first and then use them with the rhyme above. The directions for making the heart puppets can be found in our February preschool curriculum lesson plans. Our lesson plans include a song or rhyme each day {5 days per week}.

Fun Fact: This month is the birth month of two figures who loom large in the Black past: U.S. President Abraham Lincoln (born February 12), who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and African American abolitionist, author, and orator Frederick Douglass (born February 14).

Let’s go team!!!!

My February curriculum includes four weeks of lesson plans, each day has a circle time, story time, words to songs and rhymes, pre–reading, math, science, gross motor and a special activities! I hope you like it.

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